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Did You Know?: Most Broker Price Opinions and Online Valuations Tools are Far Less Accurate than You Think

Lenders and real estate veterans who have been in business  long enough know, when it comes to attaching a value to property, that they should leave it to a professional. Appraisal is a difficult science and requires an attuned, seasoned approach done by an impartial EXPERT. Most BPOs and CMAs are completed by Brokers who are too eager and who are inexperienced, resuting in a faulty valuation that could potentially undervalue a property or kill a deal. A tidy, organized, and detailed valuation assures credibility and is meant to protect all parties .

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Associates Appraisal Group


New construction; appraisals of proposed projects and new development using plans and specs.



Commercial, Multifamily, Industrial,

Luxury Residential, Offices, Mixed Use, Gas Stations.



Churches, Schools, Hotels, Assisted Living Facilities, Marinas, Mobile Home Parks,



Associates Appraisal Group is a full service nationwide real estate appraisal and business valuation firm. WE ARE NOT A  "MANAGEMENT COMPANY". Our appraisers consist of a close-knit group of seasoned valuation professionals that provide high quality reports in multiple states within astonishing time frames.


We are fully licensed in several states. Our rates are reasonable and negotiable. We offer lightning fast turn times and preliminary value checks.



Our reports are of the highest quality and, when used for lending or tax purposes, are bulletproof. Our reports do not get "Kicked back" or put under the reviewer's microscope.


We specialize in commercial, multi-family, and new construction, but we can perform residential appraisals in very quick time frames.Our firm is  focused on helping clients solve complex appraisal problems.


We are also experts in partial interest valuation for tax purposes and our reports in the arena of partial interest discounting and valuation of LLC units have become the industry standard. Associates Appraisal Group and our team members  have helped clients from a variety of diverse business entities finance and develop successful businesses.


Over the years, Associates Appraisal Group has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of appraisal services. We offer advice and support for every process and structure within the arena of commercial appraisal, appraisal of new construction. future value appraisal, business valuation, partial interest valuation, and estate evaluation.

Associates Appraisal Group provides FULL SERVICE valuations for difficult appraisal problems. We have extensive experience with income property and luxury residential property types.  To find out more about how we can help you, please take a look at some of the projects we have recently completed for our clients.

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