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Did You Know?: Most Broker Price Opinions and Online Valuations Tools are Far Less Accurate than You Think

Lenders and real estate veterans who have been in business  long enough know, when it comes to attaching a value to property, that they should leave it to a professional. Appraisal is a difficult science and requires an attuned, seasoned approach done by an impartial EXPERT. Most BPOs and CMAs are completed by Brokers who are too eager and who are inexperienced, resuting in a faulty valuation that could potentially undervalue a property or kill a deal. A tidy, organized, and detailed valuation assures credibility and is meant to protect all parties .

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Some Examples of Report Types

530,000+ square foot 11-story office high rise located in central Los Angeles, adjacent to the Park La Brea development and Museum square apartments. 
Completed as part of a trust evaluation. 

150+ plus room hotel with a large conference center and ballroom, located in West Texas.
Appraisal was also conducted on the golf course and restaurant.

550,000+ square foot shopping mall, consisting of several anchor-type tenants and department stores,, mainstream restaurants, and retail stores, located in Scottsdale, AZ.

Completed as part of a portfolio evaluaion; partial interest was also calculated and discounted for tax purposes.

PROPOSED 500+ unit residential planned community, including golf course, clubhouse, and other amenities, including a full Marina, located in Merrit Island, FL. Appraisal was conductd on both the then current As-Is value of the land, as well as the Hypothetical Prospective As-Complete value of each phase of construction. 

300+ acre operational motion picture studio located in Southern California, consisting of indoor production facilities, outdoor staging areas used for  television shows currently aired, several sound stages, and other facade/ town type areas used in use- and era-specific settings. 

35,000+ square foot recreational sports facility located in Sandusky, Ohio,, comprising an olympic tennis training facility,  swimming pool, and other amenities. 

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